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Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch


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There is no watch more iconic than the Moonwatch. 

Ever since Neil Armstrong wore one on his wrist while taking that first small step for a man on the lunar surface, the Moonwatch has been and still is a legend.

It is still in production and looks very, very similar to the watch that was on the moon. Without changing much of the overall aesthetics of the model, Omega has continually upgraded the inner workings of the original calibre 321 to calibre 861 and then 1861. 

As the years go by, Omega keep capitalising on the Moonwatch and there is now many variants of it. The example we now have in stock (reference 31130423001005) is the modern version, still in production, that is the most similar to the original calibre 321.

There is another version currently in production with a sapphire crystal but this one has the original domed Hesalite crystal, which in our opinion looks better and is more correct for a Moonwatch. 

The Speedmaster Professional has been on subsequent space flights after it was worn by Neil Armstrong. On the Apollo 13 mission, and the famous "Houston we have a problem" radio call, it was with a watch like this the crew were able to calculate and make the trajectory adjustments for entering the earth's atmosphere after they had shut down their main systems. 

The history of a watch is always interesting and there is simply no watch with a better history than the Moonwatch. 

In space there is no gravity so automatic movements don't work there. Hence the calibre 1861 is just like its predecessors a manual movement.

This watch is perfect, in mint condition first sold by authorised dealer Goldsmiths in 2016 and hardly worn since then. All functions including the chronograph operate correctly. The watch keeps time well. There are not many, if any, signs of use on the watch case or metal bracelet, but keep in mind it is a pre-owned watch. 

It is a 100% full set of reference 311. including:

  • The watch
  • Omega International Warranty Card
  • Pictogram card
  • Pictogram card holder
  • Original price tag
  • Operating instructions
  • Omega Legendary Moonwatch booklet
  • Bracelet instruction booklet
  • Unworn original Omega NATO strap
  • Unworn original spacesuit velcro strap
  • Stainless Steel link bracelet including all links
  • Extra Omega original spring bars
  • Omega spring bar tool
  • Loupe
  • Paper weight
  • Inner box
  • Outer box
  • Sleeve
  • Outer shipping carton (Omega)


Type Chronograph
Gender Men's / Unisex
Country of manufacture Switzerland
Year of manufacture 2015
Brand Omega
Model Speedmaster Professional 
Caliber 1861


Features Tachymeter

Case Material

Stainless Steel
Approx. case width excl. crown 42 mm 
Lug width 20 mm
Bracelet Original
Condition 10/10