Who Needs Another Watch Box?

Everyone who starts out on the journey and extremely satisfying hobby of collecting watches will soon discover they’ve ended up with something like this:

 Pile of watch boxes

Usually tucked away in that drawer stuffed with things you never use but on the other hand don’t want to throw away, they just take space without doing any good whatsoever.

Of course, as a document of time and to preserve the second-hand value of a watch, we always keep and take very good care of all original boxes, outer cartons, tags, booklets and documents that it was originally sold with.

But many times with vintage watches the original boxes are long gone and what many watch dealers then do to enhance the shopping experience without adding too much cost is to present the watches in generic presentation boxes of varying quality.

Low quality watch presentation box

Everyone with a genuine interest in watches will soon realise that they inevitably will need to bring more than one watch every time they travel. Unless you're lucky enough to own a Rolex Explorer, that is. With that watch you only need one watch! But for the rest of us, in addition to watches, we also stock a selection of watch rolls and travel cases.

And, since a few weeks back, everyone who has bought a watch from Arlington Watches, and when the original box was not available, has received it in something much more useful than another generic presentation box:

Black watch travel case

Nothing less than a super practical high-quality German-made watch travel case from Beco Technic!

Protection for watches during transport

The response we’ve had so far has been overwhelmingly positive, so we’ll continue to ship watche is the Beco Technic travel cases.

Watch in travel case

We're hoping that these cases will continue to bring value to our customers and protect their beloved watches for many years after their purchase. Of course all disposable packaging materials will continue to be 100% plastic free.

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